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Another milestone passed last week when our new website for Lorgues with Fayence went live.  It has been a joint effort between Churchbuilder, which is run by John and Katie Croft, and our web team to come up with something that meets several needs.  Being relevant and informative are two of the main criteria and we hope this has been achieved in several ways.

Each week, “This Sunday” will look ahead at the bible readings and what they are about, which will help us prepare for Sunday worship together and also help those away or unable to be with us keep in touch.  A “Wider View” will keep us up to date with what else is going on in the worldwide Christian church and “From the Vine”, news of our own church community and things that may be coming up.  Under the “About Us” button is a little of our history, who we are and what we believe in.  Mission is also important.   Sharing the Good news of Jesus is a vital part of any church’s life and this, together with Mission News, which links us to agencies such as ICS, CMS, Fresh Expressions  and our Diocese are on the drop down menus.  All the contact details you might need are under the “Contact Us” button on the main menu bar.

One reason we have chosen Churchbuilder to host this website is because it has a back office facility that works alongside the web pages.  It will help us to plan our Sunday services, maintain records and generally keep track of the business side of our church.  All the information will be stored on the site so in the event of a change in an officer or the pastor, we will have continuity.

But perhaps the most important features will be those that help you in your own faith journey.  If you go to the “Spiritual Resources” button, The Word for Today is available there and we will soon be adding in a weekly “Pause for Thought” feature.  Jack Heaslip, who many of you know from his many visits to Lorgues over the years will be the main contributor.  Jack has been a good friend and support to the ministry here in the Var since it started in 2003 and we are pleased that this connection will continue.  Foundations21 is also a relatively new and exciting resource for on-line use, which we hope to introduce this autumn, so check that link as well.  Prayer needs and sharing some of the good times and more difficult times we experience will be another way we can support each other and this will be available to members to shortly.

So lots to look forward to and we welcome your comments and ideas which can be sent to Gillian at

Don’t forget to bookmark this website www.lorgueswithfayence.org and keep in touch!

Every blessing from the team,

Peter, David, Erika and Gillian 




Monday, 5 May 2014 French Synod equips itself for Mission


imageHilary and Peter attended the Archdeaconry Synod recently.  It was a significant occasion for our church as a new chaplaincy with full synod representation for the first time.

French Synod explores the theme "Equipping for Mission"

The Synod of the Archdeaconry of France met from Wednesday 30 April until Saturday 3 May at St Jacut de la Mer in Brittany. Clergy and laity representing the over 60 congregations in France and Monaco gathered with their Archdeacon Ian Naylor to do the routine business of synod but also to spend some time reflecting on the theme "Equipping for Mission".

Dr Clare Amos  ( photo left )
Several key resource persons provided input on the synod theme. Dr Clare Amos, the World Council of Churches' Programme Executive for Inter-Religious Dialogue and Cooperation gave two inspiring Bible studies on the ending of each of the four Gospels, lifting up the mission mandate for the infant Church which is embedded in their concluding chapters.


The Revd Canon Philip Mounstephen, CMS,  (photo right)
The Revd Canon Philip Mounstephen, formerly of St Michael's Paris and now Executive Leader of the Church Mission Society, spoke on the local and global dimensions to the Church's mission. The Revd Keith Lamdin, Principal of Sarum College, Salisbury, gave two papers looking at spirituality and leadership for mission.  Mr Paul Simmonds introduced the Foundations21 resource which will be available to the diocese for deepening Christian learning and discipleship.
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